Details of DPT – 3

Dear Readers,

There is a form called DPT-3 which is required to be filed annually by all the companies with the Registrar of Companies. (Companies incorporated on or before 31.03.2021)

In the said return, outstanding of following transactions are required to be reported: (to the extent applicable)

  1. Amount received from central government, state government etc;
  2. Amount received from foreign governments/ banks etc;
  3. Amount received as loan from banks, banking companies etc;
  4. Amount received as loan from Private Finance institutions (PFIs), any regional Financial Institutions or insurance companies or scheduled banks;
  5. Amount raised through issuance of commercial paper;
  6. Inter- corporate deposits;
  7. Amount received as subscription money for securities pending allotment;
  8. Amount received from directors/ relative of directors in case of a private company;
  9. Amount raised by issue of secured bonds/ debentures;
  10. Amount raised through issuance of unsecured listed NCDs;
  11. Non-interest bearing security deposit received from employees;
  12. Non-interest bearing amount held in trust;
  13. Advance from customers;
  14. Amount brought by the promoters;
  15. Any amount accepted by a Nidhi;
  16. Any amount received by way of subscription in respect of a chit;
  17. Any amount received by the company under any collective investment scheme;
  18. Amount received by start- up company by way of convertible note;
  19. Amount received from Alternate Investment Funds (AIFs), venture capital funds (VCFs) real estate investment trusts (REITs) etc

You are requested to finalize books of accounts at least to the extent of transactions having effect on above and send the same to us on or before 27th June. The closing balances of the same are required to be reported to the Registrar of Companies.

If the form is filed after the due date, there will be late fees.