Details of DPT – 3

Dear Readers, There is a form called DPT-3 which is required to be filed annually by all the companies with the Registrar of Companies. (If your company was in existence in the last financial year. If not, then you may ignore this) In the said return, outstanding of following transactions are required to be reported: […]

ROC Compliance for the month of April 2019

Dear Reader, Kindly note following compliance of Registrar of Companies, Ministry of Corporate Affairs for the month of April 2019. Sr. No. Form Name Applicability Purpose of the Form   Due Date Details required from your end 1. INC – 22A (ACTIVE) Every company registered on or before 31stDecember 2017. (Only for Company and not[…..]

Dematerialization of Shares of Unlisted Public Company

The broad categories of the companies as registered with the Registrar of Companies, Ministry of Corporate Affairs are as below: Public company Private Company One Person Company (OPC) Section 8 Company (Charitable / Non Profit Company) The first category i.e. Public Company is further divided into following two categories: Listed Public Company – Companies which[…..]

Form DIR – 3 KYC – Update

Dear Reader, The original due date for filing of Form DIR – 3 KYC has been expired on 15th September 2018 and after that late fees of Rs. 5000/- is applicable. However, during the last few days before 15th September, 2018, the MCA site was not working and thereby there are many DIN holders who[…..]