Why outsource your bookkeeping and accounting to us?

  • Intuit Quickbooks Certified Provisor and thus shows familiarity with QB
  • Rich Experience of more than 11 years
  • Dedicated Professional & Expert Team, so developing more trust
  • Qualitative and timely services
  • Cost-Effective
  • In turn, opportunity to focus on core business and expansion
  • Complete work in online mode
  • Security and privacy of data
  • Adapting latest technologies


  • Many Startups, Small Businesses, and even established businesses find it extremely difficult to manage and update their books of accounts or to say accounting records as their prime focus is on developing business and on growth.
  • However, at the same time, bookkeeping is an utmost important factor to be managed not only for State / Tax Compliance but also to check the health of the business because if at the end of the day, I could not know what I have earned then it would be meaningless to work for the entire day.
  • And therefore, we provide personalized accounting and bookkeeping services that fit for your organization and enable you to grow further in business.
  • The frequency of bookkeeping may be daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly depending upon the nature of business and quantum of work.

Receivable Management Services

  • A Plant will not grow till proper watering is done in it. In the same way, a business cannot grow until proper receivable’s management is not done.
  • A businessman can do the business of millions of dollars. However, it will be worthless, if he can not encash from it and money is still lying at his customer.
  • With receivable management services, we will help in verifying as to proper invoicing is done, invoices are being sent to the customers, outstanding payment within the credit allowed, outstanding payment after the expiry of credit period, identifying high-risk customers, customer ratings etc.
  • So what will be in turn benefit to you – it will help in getting the payments regularly, reducing the time limit of getting payment, preventing the possibility of bad debts, high-risk customers will be identified, proper customer policy can be drafted etc.

Bank Reconciliation Statement

  • Reconciliation is a process in accounting which ensures that the balances of two accounts match at the end of an accounting period.
  • We reconciles the transactions in the books of the client with statements issued by the banks or financial institutions every month.
  • The resultant effect will be
    – It will eliminate accounting errors on a monthly basis.
    – It helps in preventing the same type of accounting errors in subsequent months.
    – It helps in identifying that customers’ payments are booked properly.
    – It helps in identifying that vendors’ payments are booked properly.
    – It helps in identifying the hidden expenses like bank charges, penalty etc.
    – It helps in detecting mistakes.

Bookkeeping for CPA

  • Generally a businessman look for a CPA who provides all services from his office and to become a one stop solution.
  • At the same time CPA firms offer plenty of services including bookkeeping but their prime focus is on advisory services, auditing and assurance services, tax planning and advisory services.
  • Bookkeeping being a time consuming work can impact the CPA firms in delivering the above prime services.
  • We understand this gap and so we act as a bridge between CPA and their clients for bookkeeping services with assured quality, the privacy of data, no direct interactions with clients, cost-effective services etc. which will enable in turn CPA firms to grow further in their prime areas.